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3 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Brakes

Your vehicle’s brake system is one of its most important safety features. Suppose even one component of your braking system isn’t working properly, including the brake pads or pedal. In that case, it could drastically increase your risk of an auto accident.

While most brake pads will typically last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, it IS possible to extend the life of your brakes. Better driving habits and regular preventive maintenance services are essential for getting the most out of your brakes.

The brake repair experts at CSAI Auto Service in Riverside, California, are here to tell you three easy ways to vastly extend the life of your brakes.

  1. Slow and Steady Wins the Brake Race
  2. When it comes to the lifespan of your vehicle’s braking system, high-speed stops are the leading cause of early brake pad wear. That’s because your brake pads transform energy into heat to slow your car down. The more energy your pads have to dispel, the sooner they wear out.

    Always keep it slow, steady, and safe while behind the wheel. This is especially true in heavy traffic and wet road conditions.

  3. Lighten Your Load
  4. Are you guilty of stashing everything but the kitchen sink in the back of your car? This could be hurting your brakes. The more stuff you keep in your car, the heavier it becomes. This puts added pressure on your brakes. They have to work harder to make your vehicle stop efficiently.

    Keep your car’s load as light as possible. Even some types of customizations, including aftermarket stereo systems and wheels, can harm your brakes.

  5. Maintain Your Brakes
  6. Want your brakes to last longer? You have to take care of them! Regular preventive maintenance appointments will keep your brakes in tip-top shape. These services include brake pad inspections, and brake fluid flushes every two years or 30,000 miles.

Keep Your Brakes Working Optimally

The certified auto repair mechanics at CSAI Auto Service in Riverside, California, will help keep your brakes in great shape. Call us at (951) 781-0412 today to schedule your brake repair or maintenance service appointment.

Written by CSAI Auto Service