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Do I Need a Wheel Alignment After an Auto Accident?

Were you recently involved in a fender bender? Or did you accidentally drive over a deep pothole or curb? While dents, scratches, and other unsightly cosmetic damages are easy to spot, your car might also be suffering from unseen post-accident issues.

After a car collision, it’s smart to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop for a wheel alignment.

Want to know why? The ASE-certified mechanics at CSAI Auto Service in Riverside, California, are here to explain.

Why Does My Car Need a Tire Alignment?

An automotive accident can damage different systems in your car, including its steering and suspension. This can affect your vehicle’s alignment, causing premature tire wear and your car pulling to one side.

To ensure your car is driving smoothly, take it to a quality car care shop for inspection and alignment. At CSAI Auto Service, our mechanic will closely inspect your car and make the necessary adjustments to its suspension, tires, and brakes. This ensures you’ll enjoy a safe, smooth driving experience.

The Importance of a Wheel Alignment After an AccidentIt’s essential to make sure your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned after an accident. This is beneficial because it:

  • Reduces your risk of future collisions
  • Improves your car’s traction and handling, making it safer to drive
  • Extends the lifespan of your tires
  • Helps you avoid bigger, costlier repairs

If you’ve been in an accident, don’t wait. Call our auto repair shop today.

Symptoms of Bad Alignment

If your vehicle’s alignment is out of whack, you could notice the following symptoms:

  • Premature or uneven tire wear and tear
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • A crooked or shaky steering wheel
  • Squealing sounds coming from your wheel wells
  • Your car pulling excessively to the left or right

If you notice any of these red flags, call our team of certified technicians today.

Set Your Suspension Straight

Call the automotive repair specialists at CSAI Auto Service in Riverside, California, if you’ve been in a car collision. We’ll closely examine your vehicle, identify any damages, and quickly make the needed repairs.

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Written by CSAI Auto Service