Illuminated Check Engine Light?

Let Or CEL Experts Check It Out

Does Your Car Have a Bad Mass Airflow Sensor?

It’s never a good sign when the check engine light (CEL) pops up on your car’s dash. And while the reason for a flashing check engine light could be something simple such as a loose gas cap, it could also signify bigger problems.

One culprit behind an illuminated check engine light is a malfunctioning or damaged mass airflow sensor. But what is it, and how can you tell if yours needs to be replaced?

Thankfully, the ASE-certified mechanics at CSAI Auto Service in Riverside, California, are here to help.

What is a Mass Airflow Sensor?

A mass airflow (MAF) sensor is an essential component of your car’s electronic fuel injection system, which optimizes fuel consumption and reduces emissions. The mass airflow sensor calculates the amount of air entering your engine. This ensures that your car has the perfect fuel-to-air ratio for maximized engine performance.

While most mass airflow sensors should last as long as your vehicle does, they can sometimes suffer from premature wear and tear. This can trigger your CEL, along with more serious issues.

Is My Mass Airflow Sensor Failing?

If your mass airflow sensor is damaged or faulty, you will most likely see some of the following symptoms:

  • A steadily illuminated or flashing check engine light on your dashboard
  • Excessive black exhaust smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe
  • A roughly running engine or misfiring
  • Your engine having trouble turning over or not starting at all
  • Jerking, hesitation, or stalling when you try to accelerate
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Hard engine seizures
  • If your vehicle is experiencing any of these red flags, call the ASE-certified auto repair mechanics at CSAI Auto Service in Riverside, California, today to book an appointment.

    End Your CEL Worries for Good

    Regardless if the mass airflow sensor was the cause of your illuminated check engine light, it’s always a wise idea to schedule a check engine light diagnostics test if your CEL is on.

    The ASE-certified technicians at CSAI Auto Service in Riverside, California, can help. Call us today at (951) 781-0412 to book your CEL diagnostics appointment.

    Written by CSAI Auto Service