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3 Ways to Pass Your Next Smog Check

A smog check is an important part of your car’s maintenance service schedule. A smog test not only ensures that your vehicle isn’t producing excess emissions but also protects the planet and keeps you compliant with California state laws.

But how can you ensure your car will pass its next regular smog check with flying colors? Here are three easy tips to pass your next smog check from the ASE-certified mechanics at CSAI Auto Service in Riverside, California.

  1. Inspect Your Check Engine Light
  2. Does your car have an illuminated check engine light (CEL) on its dashboard? If so, it probably won’t pass its smog test. That’s because a faulty oxygen sensor could trigger your check engine light. This can lead to even costlier problems, such as catalytic converter damage.

    To get your engine light checked out, call the auto repair experts at CSAI Auto Service now.

  3. Get an Oil Change and Tune-Up
  4. Has it been a while since your last oil change? You better have that taken care of before your car’s smog check. Dirty, old oil is packed with hydrocarbons or pollutants that can cause your vehicle to fail a smog test. Fresh, clean oil can solve this pesky problem.

    So can a tune-up. This will also keep your engine in great shape. Our mechanics will disconnect your car’s battery during the tune-up, resetting your vehicle’s computer. Be sure to have these services done 100 to 200 miles before your smog test.

  5. Have Your Car Pre-Inspected
  6. The easiest way to know if your vehicle will fail or pass a smog check is with a pre-inspection. If your car isn’t up to clearing its smog test, schedule a pre-inspection as soon as possible.

Riverside’s Trusted Smog Check Station

CSAI Auto Service in Riverside, California, is a STAR-certified smog check station. That means we can perform a smog test right at our shop. To learn more, call our ASE-certified mechanics today at (951) 781-0412. We look forward to hearing from you!

Written by CSAI Auto Service