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Wheel Alignment in Riverside, CA

CSAI Auto Service Are Your Vehicle Alignment Experts

Proper wheel alignment is crucial to keeping your vehicle stable and predictable when driving in Riverside, CA. A properly aligned car helps ensure your safety and extends the life of your tires and other components. Alignment problems are caused by many things including, potholes, curbs, a bump in the road, and accidents. If you feel your vehicle pulling to one side or notice uneven tire wear, it’s time to visit the wheel alignment experts at CSAI Auto Service. Whatever you do, don’t keep fighting the problem. Improper alignment can cause premature tire wear and part failure costing you money and time in the auto repair shop. Instead, visit the ASE-Certified technicians at CSAI Auto Service for a complete inspection and vehicle alignment. If other repairs are needed, our certified technicians can do that too. Consider us your go-to shop for car care.

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Your Tire and Auto Service Expert

CSAI Auto Service is a certified training facility for the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). What does that mean for you? It means you can expect a thorough inspection, accurate wheel alignment, and honest assessment of any ancillary damage. Because we are a research and development facility, we follow an exhaustive inspection process, so we don’t overlook any of the details like other alignment shops do. When you visit us for a wheel alignment, we’ll also do a steering and suspension check, inspect the ball joints, return your tire pressures to OEM specifications, and ensure your steering wheel is driving straight. Should you need your tires replaced, new suspension pieces, or a brake repair, we are qualified to do all of it. We offer auto services for the public, but we’re also a teaching school and have the same state-of-the-art equipment that dealerships do. That, combined with personalized customer service and affordable prices, makes us Riverside’s number one dealer alternative.

Stop in For a Wheel Alignment

To extend the life of your car and safely navigate the streets of Riverside, visit CSAI Auto Service today for a wheel alignment. Driving your car shouldn’t equate to an arm workout. If you experience your vehicle pulling to one side or your steering wheel isn’t driving straight, call us at (951) 781-0412 to schedule a wheel alignment. Our certified technicians can perform a vehicle alignment while you wait in our lobby which is equipped with free WiFi and complimentary coffee and tea. You can also take advantage of our free shuttle or after-hours drop-off/pick-up services. We are conveniently located at 3001 Chicago Ave Riverside, CA 92507 and welcome walk-ins. If further repairs are needed, we do offer financing and stand behind our work with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Whether you drive right in or call to make an appointment, our friendly staff is here to help.